a way of working

A way of working

Give someone a pen and start drawing your ideas. It“ s exactly how every idea of mine; thoughts and expressions in my daily work, begins. I do a lot of sketching in notebooks, on napkins or a backside of a document – everywhere.

A creative life is – for me – a movement and not only suited in one direction or one kind of style. It` s important that every project is individual and personal, that it has an aestethic and long lasting quality so you want to look at it for a long time. The good product, interior design or eyecatching image, discreet or volumenios, must initiate our sensory register. And to reach that goal it` s often necessary to cut into the bone. To kill my darlings.

My creativity works in multiple directions and I love every bit of it in collaboration with different clients and partners. From brainstorming to execution. My way of working always starts with lots of ideas in many directions and a sketch …

Artwork, colorschemes, sketches and photography Lene Ostenfeldt

My tiny studio is my playground. I collect books, prints and bits and bobs for inspiration. Black notebooks in different sizes hide ideas, sketches and thoughts.

The artwork is made with ink on watercolorpaper and … yes, a toiletpaperroll and chemical chlorine. I needed a pillow for my vintage leather chairs, so I used the round circles from the artwork and transformed them into a pillow in left-over wool and cotton textile.

A colorscheme from bright chalk to caramel and dark chocolate.

Years ago hand drawn layouts was the one and only extension of my hand. I miss the unpolished and loose step-by-step start of an idea and has taken up the dicipline again. Now a days the computer finish the expression – long before idea is developed. This layout is for a bookcover.

Illustration of bookbinding work. Catalogue for client Bruunmunch.

My colorbox is an important tool for both creating interiordesign and graphic design

I love red!

Burgundy, strawberry, marchmellow, blushed rose and candyflos. Also the name of a color is an important part of an expression – and a yummy feeling. Colorscheme for a styling project.

Interiordesign for a private home in progress.

Colorscheme of my home. Natures own. Charcoal is for rough sketching.