sculpting in clay

Sculptures in clay

Natural, female bodies, captured by hand assigned my fully attention. The sculptures is sketched in very rustic and different types of stoneware. Every piece is an expression of my great joy, working and sculpting in clay. One of the things I love so much sculpting in front of a living model, with all of these pieces is, is the fully attention needed. It’s not possible to think of other things – at all. It’s a silent cooperation with the different sitting model and me.

Artwork and photography Lene Ostenfeldt

Height 21 cm.
With 16 cm.
Weight 3037 kilogram 

Sketching in clay

In progress

Height 25 cm.
With 16 cm.
Weight 2002 kilogram 

Drying process in raw clay – and structure after the kiln

Height 12 cm.
With 31 cm.
Weight 2407 kilogram 

In progress


Sketch in clay